Hungary 2010
30.09.2010 to 08.10.2010

We had an awesome time in Hungary, so we want to show you what we experienced.
We started our journey on 30.09.2010 at Paderborn main station. After 20 hours we finally arrived in Jaszapati. Our exchange families brought us to our new home. The next day was the so-called "family-day" where the families prepared a special programme for us. Many families took us to a mountain near Jaszapati. Sunday, we drove to a city called "Eger". First we went sightseeing and in the afternoon we went shopping. We spent the next day at Jaszapati. First, we visited the school of our exchange students and the thermal bath. In the afternoon we had a sports lesson with the Hungarians. The boys played football and the girls hockey.

In Eger

In the assembly hall of the school of Jaszapati

On Tuesday, we drove to the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Because it rained all the time, we first went to a shopping centre and then sightseeing. After that, we were able to eat something or go shopping in the inner-city. The next day, we went to a big city, the partner city of Paderborn, "Debrecen". But first we drove to the "Puszta", a national park. After a sightseeing walk in Debrecen, we went to a health spa where we were able to relax. On Friday morning, we went to a Hungarian who cut wooden figures on his own. We could try to do something like this, too. Then we had to go home and pack our suitcases. At about 4pm we had to say goodbye. Our train finally arrived in Paderborn the next day at 12am.

All in all, we had a great time in Hungary. The families were very nice to us and we enjoyed that trip!

On a carriage in Puszta

Sad goodbye at the station of Jaszapati


Text & Design: Veronika Eckstedt
Photos: Mr. Eversmeyer