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the country (Northern Ireland)
general information

Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 


Northern Ireland (englisch)
Tuaisceart Éireann (irisch)
Norlin Airlann (Ulster Scots)
thern Ireland




motto: „Dieu et mon droit“
French for „God and my right“
official language English (de facto), Irish, Ulster Scots
capital Belfast
form of govenment constitutional monarchy
head of state
Queen Elizabeth II
minister for Northern Ireland Owen Paterson
head of government first minister Peter Robinson
area 13.843 km²
population 1.710.300 (appraisal 2004)
dansity of population 122 habitants per km²
gross domestic product $ 33,2 Mrd. (appraisal 2002)
gross domestic product per habitant $ 19500 (appraisal 2002)
currency pound Sterling
creation 1920 by the Government of Ireland Act
national anthem
UK: God Save the Queen
regional de facto: A Londonderry Air
time zone UTC +0, summertime: UTC +1
Internet-TLD .uk (for United Kingdom)
telephone area code +44
Northern Ireland locates in the northeast of the Irish Island western to the British Islands. The contingent of the whole Irish Island is about 16%.
Northern Ireland has a nort-south-comprehensiveness of 140 km. From east to west it is 180 km.
The clime is - like everywhere at the British Islands - oceanic and is swayed by the gulf stream.


Since the abatement of Henry the 8th from the Catholicism the extremes between the aboriginal catholic Irish and the since 17th century resident protestant Britain more and more appeared. After centruries of fights the Irish achieves their independance in 1921. The ancient province Ulster was separated from Ireland and stayed under the name Northern Ireland with Great Britain, but they got the autonomy. The conflict between the catholic minority and the protestant majority went since 1969 to heavy disquietnesses which had in parts the character of a civil war.It appeared again and again to terroracts on which much over 3000 pupils were assassinated. In 1998 came to a peace agreement.   


Northern Ireland is a save holiday destination; the border controls between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are mostly dispensed.
A worth seeing natrual monument is the
Giant’s Causeway, about 40.000 basalts columns at the sea, protected by the National Trust, about 20 km western of Ballycastle at the north coast of Antrim.
More worth seeing areas and landscapes are:
  • The Mountains of Mourne
  • Lough Neagh, biggest lake of the British Islands
  • Lough Erne
  • Strangford Lough
  • Carlingford Lough
  • The Glens of Antrim
  • The Fermanagh Lakeland
  • The Sperrin Mountains
  • The National parks of Northern Ireland 


Flights: Northern Ireland has got three international airports, two by Belfast, one by Derry.
Cars: The motorway M1 connects Belfast with Dungannon, the motorway M2 goes from Belfast to Antrim, the 
         motorway M3 goes from Belfast to Ballymacarrett.
Bus: The railroad network is very airy so a quite thick network of buslines had developed.
Railroads: Northern Ireland has got a relative airy railroad network of 340 km. Translink uses solely trains with diesel
                drive and connectes Belfast with:
  • Derry (via Ballymena and Coleraine) to north,
  • Portrush (via Ballymena and Coleraine) to north,
  • Larne to norteast,
  • Dublin (via Portadown) to south
  • Bangor to east
Ireland and Great Britain form despite the independance of the south an informal Common Travel Area which see to it that at journays between the republic and the to the United Kingdom belonging north are not any border controls.

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