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The city (Belfast)
generally information

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and with ca 277000 habitants (2003)  the second largest town of the Irish Islands after Dublin. 
Belfast is located at the estuary of the river Lagan into the Belfast Lough.
It is domicile of a katholic and of an Anglican bishop, university town and has got a seaport.Belfast is seat of government and parliament of Northern Ireland. The neighborhoods in the periphery of Belfast belonged mostly in the 1970s to the  locales of the Troubles. 

name and slogan
The Irish
Béal Feirste means estuary of the Farset (ir. An Fhearsaid). Today, this river isn`t visible anymore, it runs below the Bridge Street.
The city has got the logen
Pro Tanto, Quid Retribuamus? ("For all this, what shall we pay back for this?"), a saying which has already been interpreted at many occasions as a call to fight and which has been used as a battle call although it actually comes out of the ambit of the university and should show the gratefulness to the Alma Mater.

At the central
Donegall-Square is the City Hall (1906, to visit in line with a guidance) and the Linen Hall Library, a public library which is founded in 1788. Here, the interessted can find everything about the armed fight of the IRA and about the peace prozess.
In the city centre is the Grand Opera House, buildet in 1984 by Frank Matcham. Opposite is the most famous pup, the Crown Liquor Saloon which is also the oldest pup of Northern Ireland. At the Donegall Street, a short march away from the City Hall, is the cathedral St. Ann from the Anglican Church of Ireland.
The castle on the Belfast Castle traces back to a Normans castle of the 12th century.
The Queen`s University with buildings out of the Tudor period has got an especially beauty Botanic garden.
The Ulster-museum
(1890) has got spectaculary findings of the 1588 dropped ship "Girona" which belonged to the spanish Armada.
On the track of the departed troubles the visitor can go to the
Peace Line: In West Belfast (western to the highway "West Link") this wall sorts the areas of the Falls Road (housing area of katholic Northern Irishmen) from the area of the Shankill Road (Protestants). The regulae city-tour-programms shows the propagandistic murals in the Falls and the Shankill Road.
About 5km eastern to the city center, in East Belfast, is the area of Stormont Castle with the domicile of the governmant of Northern Ireland.
In the last century the riverbank has been new created. Hotels and the conference centre Waterfront Hall were developped. At the eastern side of the Lagan is the Odyssey Center with a big hall for ice hockey and concerts, an IMAX-cinema and a big interactive museum called W5.

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