pictures day 5, 07.10.2010

GSN goes Northern Ireland 2010

day 5, 07.10.2010

on the way to the city hall
in front of the city hall
"Belfast City Hall"
inside the city hall
the impressive ceiling
we`re waiting shortly in the entrance area
the corridor
the aisle...
...over the entrance area
the room,...
...iin which we have been welcomed amply,...
...from the burgomaster himself
the guide...
...with our nice guide
and now out of the city hall
city tour in an open bus
some teachers
a windy but interresting drive
Stormont Castle
the srtreets
the "Odyssey Center" and the city airport
green Belfast
a church...
...and much more
the "Peace Line"...
...with its murals
Victoria Square

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