day 6: Friday, 08.10.2010

GSN goes Northern Ireland 2010

day 6: Friday, 08.10.2010

On Friday we drove to school, the attendanc were proved and than there was a form essambly where everything important was explained. 
Then we and some Northern Irish men drove with the mini busses  to a shopping center where we rest about 40 min.

Afterwards we went to the chocolade factory Choc-o-Bloc. There everybody made three motifs out of chocolade, with white, dark and milk chocolade which everybody liked to take home prezzie . But not every created chocolade succeeded the way home - some were eaten instantly!

After the backpassage everybody of us had still two lessons with his exchange partner. After school everybody was taken home by his host parents and we all had time to pack our coffers.

In the evening we went again to school for a little commencement with a quiz in mixed groups with e.g. themes like geography, Germany, Europe, Northern Ireland or sports. There were crisps, juice, sweets and many more.

After the quiz everybody of us got two biros and a bookmark donated from the school. Then the big farewell followed. Many tears streamed and everybody was huged.
Successive we drove a last time to our host parents.

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text: Nicole Rustemeier and Anne Petzke
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