day 5: Thursday, 07.10.2010

GSN goes Northern Ireland 2010

day 5: Thursday, 07.10.2010

On Thursday Morning we drove with our exchange partners to school again. There we took part in the daily assembly at 9:00 and we presented in front of the whole school the GSN with a short movie which we had prepared with much effort. Everyone of us spoke -at least short- "live" to the whole school alliance of the Hunterhouse. That cost us a bit conquest  but our hosts really rejoiced.
After this we went with our exchange partners to their first lesson.
Then we met at 10:25am for driving with the minibusses to the cityhall of Belfast.
There we were greeted by the mayor with drinks and cookies.
Adjacent on this we had a check rail through impressinonal historical city hall.
By the following "Open Top Bus Tour", a sight-seeing tour through Belfast in a double-decker bus without a close roof, we got the bargain of getting to know the city. This drive was very windy, but also beautiful and interesting.
At about 13:20pm the bus took the Northern Irish students back to school.
Before we also had to go back to school we got 20 min for shopping.
The afternoon we had with our exchange students as free provision.

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