day 2: Monday, 04.10.2010


GSN goes Northern Ireland 2010

day 2: Monday, 04.10.2010

On Monday morning we drove with our exchange partners to the Hunterhouse College. Our ways to school had a different lenght, but on average much longer than our ways at home! Some students drive 30 miles for coming to school. At school there was at first attendance check for our exchange partners. Then our partners showed us the school grounds and after this pressphotos were made.
From 10:30 am until 12:00 am we went with our exchange partners into their lessons. After that we ate in the cafeteria our packed lunch so that we could drove sated with the minibusses to a candy factory.
In "Aunt Sandra`s Candy Factory" we watched at first a movie about the bustle history.
After this "Uncle David" showed us the fabrication of candies and who paied attention could win them afterwards. At the end everybody of us got candyfloss and there was a bag with candies for the whole group.
At about 15:20 pm we drove back to school and from there with our exchange partners to their home.
In the evening we met again for driving with the minibusses to a pottery where we could print and design different pots like cubs and bowls etc. with stamps. (On the farewell evening each of us got his cup/ bowl glazed and burnt as a present from our partnerschool - a great souvenir!)
At about 10o`clock in the evening we drove back to school and to our host families.

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