day 1: Sunday, 03.10.2010

GSN goes Northern Ireland 2010

day 1: Sunday, 03.10.2010

On Sunday it should finally start, we met at the parking area behind the Merschweghalle at 9:45 . There our bags were put in the adherer behind the bus first and we all posed for a teamphoto.
Then it was time to say good bye and to board, so that we could pull out curtly past 10 o`clock.

After a drive about 4 hours we arrived at the airport in Amsterdam where we checked in at first. We also had time for seeing over a part of the airport and for going into the many little shops.
Then we went to our gate, where we waited about one hour for our plane.

About 18:00 pm we could finally board into the plane which then started to his 1¾-hour fly.
At 19:15 pm local time we landed in Belfast where we were expected by two school owned mini-busses of the Hunterhouse College, our partner school. We drove to the Northern Irish school with them.
There we were cordially received by our exchange partners and their families and with those we drove to our host families home.

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