Northern Ireland goes GSN 2011



day 1: Saturday, 12.03.2011

the youth hostel



day 2: Sunday, 13.03.2011


e.g..: showing our adjacencies... 

...or another activity together:...

...bowlin etc.



day 3: Monday, 14.03.2011

at our school

a photo of our group in front of the town hall

our guide in Paderorn,... who we listened to interessted

in the town hall

we are looking at a diagram of Paderborn

at the cathedral:





in the cathedral

the three bunnies window


...more impressions

on our way... the royal place...

...and then... the origins of the Pader...

...which reason our guide explained to us

we try to make new origins by jumping

some frame houses near the origins

the guide comes near to an end at the originsarea of the Pader

now we`re allowed to go shopping



day 4: Tuesday, 15.03.2011

making candles at "Idee und Genuss" (idea and enjoyment)

dancing at Stüwe-Weissenberg



day 5: Wednesday, 16.03.2011

from the main station of Paderborn... Münster the...


some impressions at our city rally:

a partdiagram of Münster

the cathedral

the town hall:

after the rally it means: shopping








day 6: Thursday, 17.03.2011

the Wewelsburg:


good-bye-evening in the hostel



day 7: Friday, 18.03.2011

farewell at the hostel
to the programme

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